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Creative Ideas for the Elegant Wedding of Your Dreams

Your big day is coming up and what you want more than anything is an elegant wedding. But naturally, you don’t want it to be something that is just run-of-the-mill elegant. What you want is something a little bit different that will be memorable, not just for you and your groom but also for the guests. And, the key is to personalize your “I do’s” by adding something special that will remind your guests of you. It could be with that special color that everyone knows you love. On the other hand, it might be your special song or your favorite theme. So, here are a few elegant wedding ideas for you to choose from for your special day.


Fairytale Elegant Wedding

From the moment that you arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, driven by a coachman in a top hat, this elegant wedding is something from a fairytale and one to remember. It can be truly epic if you plan all of the glorious details and aim for true fairytale surroundings and accouterments. You can surely envision soft elegant wedding ambiance and a color palette that is sweet and romantic. With that in mind, you can be successful at creating a dream day that you, your family, and your friends will forever cherish. The floral artistry of peach and cream colored blooms plus white orchids are a good start for your fairytale elegant wedding. Hang them from a beautiful white ceremony canopy with filmy white hanging and draping fabric and add a crystal chandelier. Then, add several strategically placed matching pedestal floral arrangements and you have a magical fairytale setting. Be sure to have your elegant wedding dress designed for a princess from a fairytale and your day will be complete.

Classical Romance Elegant Wedding

You can have a timeless elegant wedding that’s definitely not ordinary or boring by adding some romantic yet dramatic lighting and plenty of either gold or silver for your color scheme. And, pink, burgundy or red always say classic romance, so consider pairing one or more of them with your metallic color of choice. Or, pair white with gold or silver for a more regal effect. A classically beautiful fitted gown with some crystal detailing would suit the day to a “T”. And, for the groom, a classic black tux will fit perfectly into your romantic elegant wedding theme.



Beachy Elegant Wedding

Do you dream of saying your vows with your toes in the sand and an ocean breeze in your hair but fear that it won’t be an elegant wedding venue? Fear not because it most definitely can be just as elegant as you make it. And, how elegant it is would only be limited by your imagination, so engage that beautiful brain and go for it! Think ocean tones like crisp white paired with pale or navy blue. Decorate with lots of flowing gauzy white fabric and plenty of flowers of your choice. Be sure to include some gorgeous white orchids because they just scream elegant wedding at every turn. Serve summery beachy cocktails and, of course, seafood. But, be sure to include some vegetarian and land-based entrees for those who don’t indulge in seafood or are allergic.